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June 20, 2011 | Category: Stories of an Intern

I wish i could talk about my work more. Unfortunately that would be a huge breach of the contract I signed at the start of this internship; I could blame that as the reason that I don’t update much, but it’s mostly because I a) I’m lazy and b) I don’t do a hell of a lot.

This is a fairly typical day. I wake up, work out, shower and eat, and I get in to work at about 10. Next I catch up on some email and wait for my desktops to be ready. After that I usually try and pick up from where I left of the previous day, doing whatever it was. I’ll sometimes have a good idea after I leave, and if I do I’ll get to work straight away on it. Otherwise I’ll just keep pushing ahead until I hit a wall or I get whatever it is working. At noon, almost always exactly on the dot, our senior team member asks who wants lunch. We usually get 3 or 4 people on our team to come eat with us, and we’ll walk to somewhere close to the office.

Lunch usually takes about an hour or so, so we come back and get to it at about 1. Sometimes I’ll have one or two meetings in the afternoon, either with my manager (we have weekly one-on-one meetings to assess my progress and how things are going overall) or my mentor (usually relating to the project I’m currently working on). The rest of the day is spent working, and if I need a brain-break the interns here have set up an IRC (Internet Relay Chat for you non-techies) chat room. Things are usually pretty interesting but they can get a little slow if a lot of people are tied up.

I’m usually out around 6, though I have stayed a lot later and left a lot earlier depending on how things are going; if I’ve started something automated that will take a few hours to run and there’s nothing else to do, I can knock off. I’ve stayed late a few times to get things done.

I’ll leave and walk home, get back and make some dinner. Then usually I’ll talk to Chellie for a while, we may watch an episode of The West Wing. Since I’m 3 hours behind, she’s usually in bed a lot later than I am, so I catch up on TV and movies that I’ve been meaning to watch. Also, games. A LOT of games. Bed usually between 12 and 1 🙂

That’s it for the general stuff. The last couple weekends have been a lot busier!

Last weekend I saw X-Men with a couple interns on Wednesday (close enough to the weekend). It was really good! It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, and that’s good. It took it above the normal superhero movie. It also helps that the soundtrack was PHENOMENAL. Loved it!

Friday wasn’t anything special, but Saturday was cool. A local camera store named Glazer’s Photo has an event called “PhotoFest” where they get camera companies, lens companies and accessory companies together to have sales and show their wares on the street. They also set up seminars with people from the big camera companies; I went to 3 by Canon. One on their cameras, one on their lenses, and one on their flashes. I also went to their keynote, which was a guy named Alex Buono (cinematographer on SNL) talking about how they used Canon 7D and Canon 5DmkII cameras to film more and more of the show, and the advantages and disadvantages of using these smaller cameras vs. large, traditional cameras). He spoke for 2 and a half hours and it was really awesome. He showed us some of the spots they shot (including the hilarious trailer for “Don’ You Go Rounin’ Roun to Re Ro'”).

The next day (that would be Sunday for those keeping score) I went and saw Super 8 with some other interns. We saw it at the IMAX close to my apartment, and it was pretty stellar. Those kids definitely had more balls than I did when I was their age!

Skipping some days now, because Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday were fairly unremarkable. Tuesday evening I went to happy hour with my good friend and housemate at the University of Michigan, Jamie. He happened to be close to Amazon’s campus so after I got off work we met up for happy hour at the Brave Horse Tavern and split a pitcher of a delicious IPA. We were in a pretty good mood the entire night, that’s for sure.

Friday afternoon my good friend Teresa got into town as part of her train trip across the country. She killed some time at Pike’s Plce Market, and when I got off work she came up to my place :). We caught up over cherries and dinner in my apartment, and I was unable to show off my view of the city at sunset from the roof as the clouds rolled in maybe 10 minutes beforehand. That having failed we went to a lounge called Citrus (I picked it completely randomly, not even making the jump to Teresa’s role as an Otto the Orange at Syracuse until she pointed it out) which I laughed at, because they had a DJ and a dance floor and hardly anyone was actually dancing. After a few drinks and a couple of champagne toasts we walked it back to my apartment and crashed.

The next day saw us getting up, eating breakfast and taking off to the Northwest Coffee Festival. Which actually turned out to be pretty cool. Each ticket to get in gets you 6 tasting tickets, so we sampled some muffins, coffee, chocolate, and capped it up with some wine and beer (made in local breweries).

After that we unfortunately had to get her packed up and down to the train station to catch her ride out to Montana. I rode the bus back to my place and got ready for what was simultaneously the best and worst idea ever: interns, beer pong/alcohol, and Nerf guns. Yea, Nerf guns. Some people brought the basic guns, and a few people went all-out and got the huge, full-auto guns that need batteries. Much drink was had, many darts were shot, and above all good times were had.

And so that brings us to today. I woke up and caught a bus out to Target to buy the Ocarina of Time for my shiny new 3DS. I haven’t gotten to play much, but so far it’s awesome.

The rest of today was filled with grocery shopping and video chatting with the family for Father’s Day, and even got to catch up with my cousin and his wife in Texas (and their two little boys; poor Pam had her hands full!). All in all a very satisfying weekend.

As for the redesign of the site: I’m working on it. The basic layout is done but I don’t have colors or fonts or buttons or anything. Don’t know when it’ll come but know that I’m working on it!

‘Night for now!

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