So, about two weeks ago, my girlfriend Chellie came out for a visit. I hadn’t seen her since I was home a month ago for my sister’s high school graduation when she came up to the UP, so having her out in Seattle with me was a very welcome change of pace 🙂

She came in on a Thursday night, so we didn’t have time to do anything that night except get her unpacked and fall asleep haha. I of course still had work while she was out here, so she hung out at my apartment while I was off programming. But I came home and then we went out to dinner at a nice Italian place and had a delicious meal :). Afterwards we came back to my place and watched The West Wing (we watched a lot of that over the course of a couple weeks, just a heads-up).

Saturday we faced plans to meet up with our friend Kat that ultimately fell through (unfortunately), but Chellie and I had a good lunch and then we took a neat harbor cruise as part of the Seattle City Pass (great deal if you make it to 4 or more places listed). I have some photos from it, I’ll have to get them up into my Seattle Summer album soon. But the tour was really cool! The narrator guy was pretty funny and did a nice job of telling us what we saw (like the big cranes to load and unload huge cargo ships!), so we enjoyed that. After that we wandered around Pike Place Market for a bit (yea, we watched them throw the fish, which was totally awesome), then caught a bus home. Probably watched more West Wing at that point 🙂

Sunday we went back downtown and hit the Seattle Aquarium. It was really neat 🙂 Saw some cool fish, birds, and otters (Chellie’s favorite). After we finished up there we went back to Pike’s Place and picked up some Alaskan King River Salmon and took it home to make dinner. That salmon was DELICIOUS. Not fishy at all but a very great flavor. We had fun making it (even through we were worried it wouldn’t turn out haha). Delicious salmon 🙂

Monday I had to go back to work; when I came back we pretty much sat around (we had done a lot of walking the last couple days). More West Wing!

Tuesday, also after work, we did more sitting around, but this time we picked up Chinese food! It was delicious, and we had fun 🙂

I think this is a good place to stop. Tomorrow I’m heading to Mount Si to go on a hike with some interns, and then probably more games. Watch for part 2 coing soon!

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