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December 6, 2010 | Category: Class, Narrative

Would you like to hear a story? Good! It’s story time here on Moments in Time today; my third assignment for my photography class was a “narrative” assignment where we had to use pictures to tell a story. So, let us begin!



What's that light?/Waking Up

What's that light?/Waking Up




So Scared...

I Haz Idea

Wait a Minute...I Haz Idea!

Epic Battle

Epic Battle/Death of the Monsters

Content Sleep

Content Sleep

Narrative Ad Text

The final "picture" of the story

So this story is about a girl who wakes up, freaks out, and fights a monster. Chellie plays the part of the girl, we drew a monster with my laser pointer, and she fought the monster with the sonic screwdriver (prop from Doctor Who) that I bought as part of my Halloween costume. It was my professor’s idea to turn it into a sort of ad, hence the text at the end (be sure to see the enlarged size to read all the text! Doctor Who fans should be amused). This was a pretty fun shoot (except for some reason my cable release wasn’t behaving and it took a few tries to get it to keep the shutter open long enough in BULB-mode for us to draw), and it didn’t take that long. Also, good nerds will notice the Serenity and Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction posters on my wall.

Thanks for checking out the story! I should have the results of our “photographic miniatures” assignment up relatively soon. Until then, happy shooting!

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