Photographic Multiples

March 9, 2011 | Category: Class, Multiples, Photos

So, these should’ve been posted a LONG time ago. I apologize for the delay.

These photos were for our photographic multiples assignment. I didn’t do as well on this assignment as I would’ve liked (possibly because I didn’t completely understand it) but I’m happy with the pictures that came out of it.

Multiples 1

The bottom picture on this set is actually the one that went over best. I was just messing around with stuff in my room and decided to that and really liked it 🙂 The picture of the disc is just kinda neat 🙂

Multiples 2

These were taken on the night of the Harry Potter 7 (pt 1) premiere. We had a bunch of time before the movie started (and before they told me I couldn’t take pictures >_>) and I had fun with my camera :). I like the pattern on the carpet, and the cow was just a fun shot in one of those crane games.

Multiples 3

The pinball machine was also at the movie theater, and I liked the reflections and the color on it. Also liked the way the lights played off the bottle in the second picture and the way the bottle distorted the clock in the background.

Multiples 4

I liked getting the close-ups of smaller or strange things. The top picture is a pin I got from Google that lights up, and the second picture is a close-up of my Serenity keychain. I just really liked the focus in the keychain picture, it puts a lot of emphasis on the keychain.

I like these pictures, but not as much as some of the other pictures I posted. However, the next project (posted soon) I really enjoyed 🙂


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