A Wonderful Visit Pt. 2

July 10, 2011 | Category: Stories of an Intern

Here’s part 2 of Chellie’s visit! If you missed part one (and I hope you didn’t, it’s right below), click here!

Wednesday, I once again worked and came home; soon after Chellie and I went down to a little area with a fountain close to my apartment building and I took some portrait shots of her (my favorite of these are posted in my Seattle Summer gallery). After that we went and got sushi for dinner from the restaurant right by my apartment; it was delicious! And of course we watched The West Wing πŸ™‚

Thursday after work we took a walk around my neighborhood and the Seattle Center; we went down to Lake Union Park and took some photos, and then up to the Seattle Center area and the neat-looking fountain :). I hope to have those pictures up very soon! It was a fun night and some cool pictures came out of it.

Friday finally came, and after work Chellie and I made a quick pasta dinner and then FINALLY went to the Space Needle! It was a gorgeous clear night and we could see Mt. Rainier from the top, and we saw a beautiful sunset behind more mountains. All in all a very great trip up to the top! Pictures are up in my Seattle Summer album πŸ™‚

Saturday….Well, Saturday was AWESOME. We got up and took a bus up to the Woodland Park Zoo! We saw a lot of cool stuff. We saw penguins, wolves, a tiger, bears, lizards, fish, snakes, frogs, a ton of birds, gorillas, and (Chellie’s favorite) otters. It was a great time! Great weather for it, too. It was like 80 and sunny all day, perfect for walking around. We had a pretty late lunch, so when w got home we sat around for a while. For dinner we ended up going to this place called McCormick & Schmicks Harborside, near my building. We caught happy hour, so we made a meal out of happy hour food (a pretzel, some barbeque sliders, and something else….), a salad, and a strawberry lemonade martini each. We had a cool view of the city and the Space Needle at night, there were these heaters on the deck (we sat outside) that had pillars of flame inside them and there were blankets on the chairs if you got cold. All in all a great night πŸ™‚

Sunday was pretty cool, too. We went to the EMP, or the Experience Music Project/Sci-Fi Museum (near the Space Needle). We saw an exhibit on Jimi Hendrix, one on Nirvana, and one on Avatar (the movie). The Avatar exhibit was really neat, they had a lot of props used in the actual film and real artist renderings of other stuff. I have pictures, I hope to get those up soon too :). We had lunch at McDonald’s that day (it was quick, cheap and near the EMP) in between exhibits, and then afterwards we stopped at a grocery store to get breakfast food for the next day. That night we just lounged around πŸ™‚

Monday morning we woke up and cooked breakfast! We made “Americakes”; blueberry pancakes, strawberries and whipped cream on top. DELICIOUS! The rest of the day was spent lounging around, photo editing, watching The West Wing, and reading. That night, we went up to my roof to watch the fireworks, which were pretty awesome :). I unfortunately didn’t get any photos like I have of the Michigamme show in years past, but we had too much fun to worry about it.

After the show we got Chellie packed, and she left the next morning πŸ™

Basically, it was a wonderfully fun two weeks, and I’m really glad she got to come out!

That’s all for me for tonight. I’m exhausted from an 8-mile hike (more on THAT later πŸ™‚ ) so it’s time for bed! ‘Night all!

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