Memories in Music

July 24, 2011 | Category: Stories of an Intern

I realized recently that my music library is full of memories. Not just memories like “Oh hey, this song was awesome 10 years ago!” or whatever (but I have some of those too). What I mean is like, memories of people. People and how they’ve touched my life. Like they’ve imprinted themselves on the music they expose me to. Let me elaborate.

Last month my friend Teresa crashed at my place as part of her train trip across the country. A huge part of our relationship is music; we bonded over music, and now a lot of our time together is spent swapping artists we listen to. She got me onto this band, Sigur Rós. Since she introduced me, I have listened to ALMOST nothing else. And now, whenever I listen to Sigur Rós, I’m constantly reminded of her. The same thing happens with The Rescues or I Fight Dragons.

It’s not just Teresa or Sigur Rós, either. My friend Laura got me started on Mumford and Sons; Kristin got me hooked on City and Colour; Chellie got me listening to Panic! at the Disco, My Dear Disco/Ella Riot, and we went to a Linkin Park concert. My Dad gets Hootie and the Blowfish; first CD I ever listened to. John Murphy’s score to Sunshine and Steve Jablonsky’s score for Gears of War 2 are linked to Jamie, my freshma-year roommate and now housemate.

Basically, my music library is more than music. Its whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I’m grateful for what these people have added to my library and to my life, and I think it’s awesome that I will be connected to these people every time a track plays.

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