Hey everyone! So I did some more work on XKCD Comic Reader 2.0 while I was in Madison. Good news! Images now display at the proper proportions, so they’re no longer squished! I’ve also implemented scrolling and zooming. See screenshots below.

Another new thing is the list picker will show the comic number and title instead of the placeholder info URL I was previously using (again, see screenshots).

Next task is to get the alt/mouseover text to display. First (quick) attempts at this were unsuccessful. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town for 2 weeks starting tomorrow morning, and I’m not bringing my Mac with me. So it could be a little while before more work on the update actually happens. Once it does, I’ll be sure to update!

Until next time!

Comic zoomed in

Showing a comic image zoomed in

Image scrolled and unzoomed

A comic image zoomed out, scrolled to the left

Comic Picker

Comic picker displaying useful information!

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